«HR-Director Summit is one of the traditional and significant HR-events of a year.  At the Summit practitioners have an opportunity to share new experience, establish new professional contacts, take experts' advice.»

«HR-Director Summit provides a unique platform to exchange valuable experience and knowledge in the area of human resources management. Summit participants have the opportunity to share the latest best practices, discuss the HR area's prospects as well as understand potential ways of enhancing quality and level of HR management both in an organization and in the market on the whole. Trends and learnings highlighted in the Summit undoubtedly will be useful and of immediate interest to heads of HR-departments.»

15-16 октября участвуйте в XXI Саммите HR-Директоров online или offline  → hrsummit.ru

7-8 декабря встречаемся на V Форуме корпоративного обучения → hreduforum.ru