The company "LBS International Conferences" thank you for your interest in our activities!


Sponsorship and partnership will help you:


  • To position your organization as a significant member of the business community and the leader in its field
  • Highlight your company among colleagues and competitors in the program of the Conference and the Exhibition
  • To increase awareness of your brand.
  • To convey information about your company and products to the target audience, quickly and directly, not only by direct participants of the events, but also the thousands of professionals who regularly receive news about our events.
  • Sponsoring the event, as well as participation in the exhibition, can be an integral part of your strategy to promote their products on the market and help in achieving goals.

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15 июня участвуйте в X Форуме по цифровой трансформации HR и HR-технологиям «HR Tech Forum & Award 2022» →

13-14 октября встречаемся на ХХIII Саммите HR-Директоров России и СНГ и церемонии вручения Премии «Хрустальная пирамида – 2022» →