The 7th Russia Pension Congress

17 march 2016 | Congress | Moscow, Russia

The 7th Russia Pension Congress will be held on March 17, 2016 in Moscow. Currently the Pension system of Russia is being reformed. How the reforms will affect the social welfare and state economy? What are the consequences of sanctions for the Pension Asset Management industry?

The aim of this high-profile event is to bring together government officials, pension industry leaders, international experts and showcasing best practices and ways of building a stable and long-lasting pension system in Russia.

Key participants and speakers of the Congress - representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Pension Fund of Russian Federation, legislators, regulators, supervision authorities and market participants. 
Key topics of the Congress:
  • Future Development of Russian Pension System    
  • Pension Assets as a Driver to the Economy During the Crisis
  • Pension Reform Experience of Other Countries;
  • Development of Pension Systems. International Experience.
  • Pension Fund Assets Management in Russia;
  • Pension Fund Assets as a Source of Financing Long-term Infrastructure Projects.

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