The 14th Russia & CIS HR Directors Summit

26-27 september 2013 | Conference & Exhibition | Lotte Hotel Moscow, Russia

During the XIV Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit participants have an opportunity not only listen to the reports and participated in the discussions, they also can familiarise themselves with a number of innovative products and solutions for the HC management and development. They are also able to receive personal consultations within the HR-EXPO 2013 exhibition.
Our Exposition Hall features solutions in the following areas:

The HR Expo is the heart of the annual conference, and provides a focal point for networking, information-gathering, and excitement.  Here, you will find leader companies who are eager to provide you with the solutions to your challenges. You can meet with your fellow peers over one of the provided lunches, talk to vendors, make contacts and connections that will boost your career and your company.



HR EXPO is an important part of the 13th Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit providing unique acces to decision-makers and Top HR executives of major Russian and multinational companies.

Since 1998, Russia & CIS HR Directors Summit has become the biggest gathering of HR Senior and Top Executives in Eastern Europe. HR EXPO as an integrated part of the Summit, is a major marketing and sales event of the year for companies selling People Management products and services.

At the HR Summit, every year, you can meet several hundreds of HR Management Decision Makers from major domestic and multinational companies. Many of the Summits exhibitors say it is their important source for new leads and deals every year.

In 2012 during two days of the Summit you’ll get a direct access to more than 400 upper-level HR professionals and most of them are buyers of HRM products and services. To be a part of this world-class event many large and small vendors and service providers book their booths and sponsorship now.



The annual event is attended by about 400 senior executives of Russian and International companies, 17% of which are Heads of the organizations, and 53% hold positions of HR-Directors and Heads of HR-management Departments.

Vice-Presidents and Board members (20%), CEO (34%) and HR-Directors (20%) of leading Russian and foreign companies speak about the main trends in the human resource management in Russia and worldwide, as well as share cases and best HR-practicesat the Summit.

More Information

Products and Services Summit’s delegates look for

  • •  Employee Compensation & Benefits
  • •  Assessment
  • •  Executive Search & Recruitment
  • •  Health, Wellness & Safety
  • •  Management & HR Consulting
  • •  Seminars, Courses & Executive Education
  • •  Training & Development
  • •  Corporate Events Management
  • •  Employee Communications
  • •  Outsourcing
  • •  Financial services
  • •  IT solutions for the HR management

Among companies presented last years:


• Business Kernel   • Case   • Center for Creative Leadership   • Confirmit  • Creative Market  • Exect Business Training  • FutureToday  • Link the International Institute  • MaxiMICE  • Monster Worldwide Inc  • MTI System  • NORDIC Training International  •  • SAP CIS  • SHL Russia & CIS • World Class • Alpina Publisher  • Beagle  • Business-University MIRBIS  • Geliosoft  • GSK "Yugoria"  • Evrovayn  • Key Link  • Megapolus Tours  • NPF "Raiffeisen"  • A Dream • Qoveo • Organisation of Time • Transaero Tours • Center for International Programs and HS RANH


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