The 14th Russia & CIS HR Directors Summit

26-27 september 2013 | Conference & Exhibition | Lotte Hotel Moscow, Russia

The Summit will also host the Annual HR Management Excellence Award Ceremony. The awards are given for the HR Executive of the Year, the HR Project of the Year, the HR Consultant of the Year and the Corporate Learning and the Training Provider of the Year and for the best HR Technology solution of the Year.


The HR Management Excellence Award Ceremony of the XIII HR Directors Summit was held at the Ritz-Carlton Moscow hotel on 4 October. As usual the jury announced the names of the laureates who were winners in the four categories. The Grand Prix – the Crystal Pyramid - symbolizes the hierarchy of the classical theory of Human Motivation entitled Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The winner of the HR-Project of the Year for 2012 was awarded for the project entitled Tournament of Young Professionals “TeMP” 2012”; it was awarded to the Corporate Academy of the Rosatom State Corporation. The award for Corporate Learning and Training Provider of the Year for 2012 was awarded to the Corporate University of Russian Railways. HR-Consultant of the Year 2012 title and prize was awarded to the IBS Group of Companies. DHL Express HR Director Elena Petrova became the HR Director of the Year for 2012 for companies with a staff of less than 5000 employees. HR Executive of the Year for 2012 title and prize was awarded to Anatoly Moskalenko, HR Management & Organizational Development Vice President of LUKOIL Company. 

“The Crystal Pyramid Award helped to bring into the public arena a number of unique projects in the field of Human Resource management at the highest professional level. It also meant that the authors were able to receive professional recognition. The best projects were presented at the HR Directors Summit and this contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and best practice", said Alexander Lebedev, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and President of LBS International Conferences.

“The HR Management Excellence Award is both an interesting and worthwhile award. It provides an opportunity to learn best HR practices implemented in Russia and the CIS. It is also an opportunity to present projects to a professional jury and this is important for the promotion of a company’sHR function. The fact that our project was voted the best HR project of the year for 2012confirmed the value of working with young professionals and improving the attractiveness of nuclear industry enterprises for those young people chosen by the Rosatom State Corporation. The winning of the tournament was reported to Sergey Kiriyenko,  the CEO of Rosatom and he wished the competition continued success”, - сommented Andrey Afonin, CEO of the Corporate Academy of the Rosatom State Corporation

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