MOTIVATION 2016. The tools of financial and non-financial motivation

14 april 2016 | IV Practical Conference | Russia | Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy Moscow

The 4th Practical Conference «MOTIVATION 2016. The tools of financial and non-financial motivation» will be held on April 14th, 2016 in Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy Moscow, Russia.

Today's economic environment requires immediate reaction to the changing situation and proper prioritization. The period of cost cutting gives rise to the issue of employee motivation.

Highlights of the conference:

  • How has the approach to motivating employees changed taking into account the current economic situation
  • Why aren’t the old tools of motivation effective, and what tools are there to replace them
  • How to keep the team spirit on a high level and how to unite the team
  • How to motivate employees to work at full capacity
  • How to attract human resources to remote regions
  • Peculiarities while working with project team

During the conference a round table will be held in order to discuss issues of employee motivation in the current economic situation, and in order to highlight what tools stopped working and what is to be emphasized.

The main issues of the round table:

    • What are the fundamental changes taking place in the motivation in the current environment?
    • What business is expecting from staff motivation?
    • How do we economize? Implementing better practices of non-financial motivation or vice versa, focusing on better financial practices?
    • What are we investing in? What powerful support during «difficult times» may be provided by mediatization of motivation practices?
    • Are we motivating everyone totally or are we moving to the «selective» type of motivation? What does the individualization of motivation give?
    • What experiences of overcoming past crises are we using now?

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The conference will gather HR-Directors, Corporate Culture Directors, Assessment and Recruitment Directors, Compensation and Benefits Directors, as well as Experts and Consultants in the Development of Incentive Programs and the Development of the Employer Brand in order to share experiences and present best practices.



During previous years the experience was shared by:
Group of companies «Dixy», «European Medical Center», Gazprombank, Expert, Corporate University «Renaissance Life», Best Doctors, «ITS»,, Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia, Central and Eastern Europe «Sodexo Benefits & Rewards»,, «VimpelCom», Lafarge Cement, Russia-Ukraine, Business Relations «Corporate University of «Gazprom», Macroregional branch «Volga Rostelecom Volga», «Tander» (Chain stores «Magnit»), Knowledge Associates, Cambridge, and others.

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