Leonid Dododzhonovich Reiman is a Russian businessman and government official, former Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of the Russian Federation. Leonid Reiman has been numerously rated most influential person in Russian telecom business with personal wealth over $1 bln., according to Finance magazine.

Honours and awards:

Order of Merit for the Fatherland; 3rd class (12 July 2007) - for outstanding contribution to the development of modern information technologies and the creation of the domestic telecommunications network; 4th class (12 July 2005) - for great contribution to the development of the telecommunications industry of the country and many years of fruitful work; Honoured Worker of Russian telecommunications; RF Government Prize in Education and Science and Technology; Winner of the annual international prize "Person of the Year" (2005); Winner of the highest legal prize "Themis" (2003); In 2002-2004 performed with opening speech at the “Communication and investment in Russia” conference.

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