6-7 october 2016 | Annual Conference & Exhibition | Lotte Hotel Moscow

The 17th Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit and HR-EXPO-2016 will be held on 6 and 7 October 2016 at Lotte Hotel in Moscow. The Summit is organized by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and LBS International Conferences.

The Advisory Board of the XVII Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit comprises CEOs and HR Executives of major Russian and international organizations and recognized experts in the field of HR management. The Advisory Board takes part in the development of the concept and program of the Summit.

The Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit is the largest professional event in Eastern and Central Europe. It enables participants to gain an understanding of the main processes in the field of Human Resource management and exchange ideas with colleagues. Participants can also learn about the latest developments, products and services in HRM and make valuable business contacts.

Major events and trends in the field of Human Resources development over the past year will be reviewed within the Summit; companies and organizations will present their practical case studies. Technology companies and service providers will demonstrate their innovative products and solutions at the HR EXPO-2016.


The Summit will also host the Annual HR Management Excellence Award Ceremony. The awards are given for the HR Executive of the Year, the HR Project of the Year, the HR Consultant of the Year and the Corporate Learning and the Training Provider of the Year and for the best HR Technology solution of the Year.


  • Key trends of HR Management in Russia and the CIS in the context of global trends
  • Modern technologies in people management: the latest developments and best balance of technology and traditional practices
  • Social Media and new communication tools
  • Involvement of the employees and the efficiency of HC
  • Development of Employer Brand
  • Leadership
  • Talent Management
  • Recruitment and education

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The annual event is attended by about 400 senior executives  of Russian and International companies, 17% of which are Heads of the organizations, and 53% hold positions of HR-Directors and Heads of HR-management Departments.

Vice-Presidents and Board members (20%), CEO (34%) and HR-Directors (20%) of leading Russian and foreign companies speak about the main trends in the human resource management in Russia and worldwide, as well as share cases and best HR-practices at the Summit.

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Annual meetings with special guests – well-known businessmen, politicians, film directors, athletes, outstanding cultural and public figures of our time have become one of the most prominent traditions of the Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit. Over the years: famous film director and producer Fyodor Bondarchuk, well-known lawyer Mikhail Barshchevsky and Ilya Averbukh, ice-show producer and World champion in figure skating, have been  among the guests of the Summit. The actor, producer and scriptwriterNikita Vysotsky was the special guest of the XIII Summit; he spoke about his journey through life, the features of creative teams and managing and motivating extraordinary personalities. 

The participants were greatly interested in meetings with the 15th Russia and CIS HR Directors' Summit s pecial guests. One of them was Irina Khakamada, a famous politician, successful businesswoman, author of many books and publications, business trainer. In the past, Irina was a deputy and a Vice Speaker of the State Duma, a Minister. In 1998, Irina Khakamada was a Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the First Russian HR Management Conference, which later turned into HR Directors Summit of Russia and the CIS. At the anniversary 15th HR Directors Summit, Irina spoke on the human potential of the country, management styles, new creative leadership, goal achievement, motivation and self-development.

At the 15th Russia and CIS HR Directors' Summit, a meeting was held with a special guest, Vladimir Dzhanibekov, a pilot cosmonaut, who made 5 space flights as the captain of the space ship and two space walks. Nataliya Matusova, a successful business lady, the 7th woman in Russia who reached the highest point of the planet – Mount Everest - took part in the conversation with Vladimir Dzhanibekov. The guests shared their experience and opinions on achieving the outstanding results, team work in extreme conditions, motivation and leadership, getting to the top in sports, profession and business.

A special report at the 15th HR Directors Summit was presented by the guru of education technologies,Enio Omaye, Chief Developer, Vice President for Technologies and Innovations of EF Education First, a previous Chief Developer of Apple Computers, he spoke on new and well-forgotten old approaches to education, the Soviet psychologist L.Vygotsky’s innovation theory of 30's and a role of a play in brain development and education, and international experience in new education technologies affecting competitive ability of the business and the personnel's involvement.

At the 14th Russia and CIS HR Directors' Summit a special meeting was held with the Lord Malvin Bragg, UK Parlament Member, british broadcaster, presenter, interviewer, commentator, novelist ans scriptwriter.


HR EXPO 2016


During the XVII Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit participants have an opportunity not only listen to the reports and participated in the discussions, they also can familiarize themselves with a number of innovative products and solutions for the HC management and development. They are also able to receive personal consultations within the HR-EXPO 2016 exhibition.


The HR Expo is the heart of the annual conference, and provides a focal point for networking, information-gathering, and excitement. Here, you will find leader companies who are eager to provide you with the solutions to your challenges. You can meet with your fellow peers over one of the provided lunches, talk to vendors, make contacts and connections that will boost your career and your company.


  Alexander Karpov, HR Director, Schildershoven Finance B.V.:
«HR-Directors' Summit is one of the traditional and significant HR-events of a year.  At the Summit practitioners have an opportunity to share new experience, establish new professional contacts, take experts' advice.» 
Vladimir Khimanych, HR Director, RaiffeisenBank
«HR-Directors' Summit provides a unique platform to exchange valuable experience and knowledge in the area of human resources management. Summit participants have the opportunity to share the latest best practices, discuss the HR area's prospects as well as understand potential ways of enhancing quality and level of HR management both in an organization and in the market on the whole. Trends and case studies highlighted during the Summit undoubtedly will undoubtedly be useful and of immediate interest to heads of HR-departments.»





Since 2011 you can join the HR-DIRECTOR SUMMIT COMMUNITY which members receiving access to the topical professional information and analytics. You can share experience with colleagues as well as take part in the Summit activities, webinars, and informal meetings on special terms and free of charge in some cases. You can pass their opinions on the event agenda and speakers, take part in contests, lotteries and vote for award winners in HR area.   





The Summit will also host the Annual HR Management Excellence Award Ceremony. The awards are given for the HR Executive of the Year, the HR Project of the Year, the HR Consultant of the Year and the Corporate Learning and the Training Provider of the Year and for the best HR Technology solution of the Year.





On October 7 after finishing the Summit and Expo programme the participants are invited to attend the evening party.



Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit 2010 - Meeting with special guest –
 Michael Barshchevsky 


Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit 2010 - News block on RBC TV


Russia and CIS HR Directors Summit 2008 - A conversation on leadership, management, and talent with special guest of the Summit Fyodor Bondarchuk, producer, director and actor.


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